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Fir Trees Barn is a traditional random sandstone barn that has been sensitively converted into a modern home (In our humble opinion, anyway).


Vision & Ethos

Fir Trees Barn was ......

Our vision was to balance the needs for a warm, environmentally friendly house with all the comforts of modern living with out sacrificing the heart and soul of the original building. Indeed we actually reinstated some of the original features!

We tried to source local and natural products wherever practical or economies allowed.

We didn't try to blend the old and new, instead we went for an approach of making the new, very modern and leaving the old 'old'. We think this contradiction has worked really well, however let us know what you think on our feedback. We wanted the original building to be very obvious whenever you was inside, not just a barn on the outside, but also on the inside. To achieve this we designed every room so that it had one exposed stone wall and some exposed beams. We didn't put any beams in for decoration, all the beans serve a real purpose. Equally we tried to hide all the services, and little touches help too, you won't notice any skirting boards.

Fitted furniture

We designed the kitchen and bathroom fittings, so that they look like separate items of furniture as opposed to being truly built in. This helped create the illusion, that we had just literally carried them inside, although in reality they are fully connected with the hidden services, such as electricity and water as required.

Photo Album (TBA)

More Detail...........

Here are some general pictures of the Barn. See the various sections for more specific pictures We have created 3 groupings of additional information including more pictures.
bulletDemolition:- It went down, and some came back up
bulletFabric: The sticks and stones that make a home
bulletBuilding Services: All the hidden bits
bulletProject Management: Making it happen

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